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The Simple Way to Find Insurance Resources

Global Risk Assist’s mission is to help our Users that need insurance, risk, and claim resources, find them easily and connect with professionals they can build relationships with.

As a Subscriber:

  • Build your profile, promote your business and expertise and enjoy exposure to prospects and leads that need your services.
  • Participate in our Forum, ask and answer questions and share your experience and knowledge with Users and other Experts.
  • IT’S FREE! And our Users are looking for your services.

As a User:

  • No sign up required! – Immediately begin your FREE search of our directory for all your insurance, risk and claim resources.
  • Not sure the type of expert you need? Use our “key word” search or “extensive filtering options” to narrow your search and find the right expert for the job.
  • Sign up and build a directory of your favorite experts that you can access any time.
  • Sign up and participate in our Forum. Ask and answer questions and share your experience and knowledge with other Users and Experts.

Insurance is a
people business

Global Risk Assist is focused on putting talents at the forefront to ensure Subscribers compete equally based upon User needs. We don’t feature Companies, we feature Individual Experts so that visibility is all about your profile, your experience and your expertise.

Free Subscription

Insurance Experts are subscribing to our Network to unlock a World of Potential Clients!

Frequently asked questions:

How will prospects find me?
We have invested in detailed search and categorization capabilities that will provide quality leads for your business. Your profile details multiple areas of potential search selections giving you the highest probability of “hits”.

Do I have to pay Global Risk Assist for Leads?
No. We do not charge for leads. Our goal is to support individuals and firms looking for insurance resources.

Does Global Risk Assist sell my information?
No. You will not receive any solicitation and your information will not be shared or sold with anyone other than the availability of same on the directory.

Are there other ways that I can increase my visibility on the Global Risk Assist Directory?
Yes, Global Risk Assist will provide opportunities to deliver information to our users, elevate your profile in the directory or further advertise your expertise with banner space, home page features and other heightened visibility options.


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